Ideas for Your Vacation

Would you like to visit ten towns on the coast or in the Inland of Istria? Each of them is rich in natural and cultural heritage that goes back to ancient times and to present day. If you prefer to spend an active holiday, there are numerous beaches in the coastal towns of Istria and hundreds of tennis courts, a number of bike trails, golf courses and other activities.

One thing is certain – you will not have enough time to visit all the attractions that Istria has to offer so organise well and visit the sites you find most interesting.


From a Roman settlement to the present day, the city Poreč has become an outstanding tourist destination which offers wonderful beaches, numerous cultural events and various sports manifestations.

Euphrasius Basilica Poreč

Built in the sixth century, it was named after the Bishop Euphrasius who initiated its construction. The basilica is open daily to the public and should you decide to climb to the top of the bell tower, it offers stunning views of the city.


Once a fishermen’s town, Rovinj has become a recognized Istrian tourist attraction. Today it is known as the most picturesque town on the Mediterranean and owing to its 22 islands it has been accredited the status of protected natural heritage.

Pula Amphitheatre

The most imposing monument of Istrian cultural heritage, the Amphitheatre in Pula was built during the Emperor Vespasian in the first century, when it was used as an arena for gladiators’ fights. At present, it hosts numerous cultural, musical and sports events.

National Park Brijuni

The only National Park in Istria includes 14 islands and was once known as the centre of the world class and European jet-set. The main island is home of a Zoo and has one of the oldest golf courses in this part of Europe.


If you are a tennis lover you have come to the right place. Istria has over 400 tennis courts, most of which are on clay base. The spirit of this tradition produced the famous Umag ATP tournament which has already celebrated twenty years.


A city of sports and tourism, today Umag is famous for the ATP tennis tournament hosted in July. Due to its location Umag provides ideal conditions for tourist excursions.

Bicycle trails

Istria has over sixty plotted biking trails of various difficulties. Choose from one of the easier trails from the Cape Kamenjak on the south of Istria to Poreč or, if you prefer more challenge choose some of the trails in the mountainous northern part of Istria.


The most beautiful medieval town in the Inland Istria perched on a hill above the longest Istrian River Mirna, the town of Motovun offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Surrounded by town walls, recently it has become famous for the Motovun Film Festival.


The pleasant sea temperature allows diving throughout the year. Some of the most attractive sites include sixty locations with sunken ships and submarine reefs. For more details contact one of the numerous diving clubs in Istria.

Venice Excursion

Take a one-day excursion to Venice by boat from cities Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Umag. The trip takes two and a half hours and is a unique opportunity to visit one of world’s most famous attractions.

Horse riding

Select a tour along the sea or on the hill slopes of Central Istria. Besides the peaceful experience of the nature, horse riding will provide, as part of the adventure, a tour of the gourmet delicacies offered by the nearby restaurants and taverns.