Food & Drink in Istria

The diversity and harmony of Istrian gastronomy will surely satisfy every true lover of gourmet culinary. This is the place where the light Mediterranean cuisine meets continental culinary. Each season will surprise with its specific blends of the coast and the continent and will become a memorable visit.

Istrian Prosciutto (Istrian ham) – autochthonous and protected brand

Istrian Prosciutto ham has been awarded a protected originality status. It is mostly produced in central Istrian towns with a distance that has to be more than 12 kilometres from the sea. The town Tinjan – a five minute distance from Baderna – has been named as the Municipality of the prosciutto ham.

Istrian Truffle – a superb and unique delicacy

The gastronomes all agree in one – the truffle is the king of today’s gourmet cuisine. This subterranean mushroom found only by specially trained dogs, represents a unique flavour and aroma admired by everyone: from the ancient Romans to current gourmet lovers.

Istrian wine – Malvazija and Teran

The wine making tradition goes far back into history, to the times of the Istrian natives – the Histri tribes. Tasting the Istrian white Malvazija or the red Teran will allow you to sense the creation of the perfect relationship that has existed for centuries between the Istrian man and his Istrian hills.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Istrian olive oil has been the synonym for superb oils ever since the Greek and Roman times and represents the most valuable and nutritional, Mediterranean golden liquid one can consume. The flavour characterised by bitterness and wonderful aroma will add to any dish a splash of perfection.

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